Photo credit to Taylor Blackford


  • The face simply steals the eye and is almost guaranteed to draw the attention and complements of those around
  • The custom band can be inscribed inside and out
  • Band is sturdy and fastener feels secure


  • The face is not the best quality and the internal components feel like they reflect the low price


A Watch That’s Worth the Time

In a time when “What time is it?” means a reach for a cellphone in a deep pocket instead of a twist of the wrist, a growing trend for stylish and unique watches has appeared.   This is my TAKE on one such watch and custom band as well as the seller.

Men’s watch – W001, boasts a very classy/vintage design. Its customizable band and antique looking face promote a sophisticated, but worn feel. The face is a sunburst color and has 11 golden tick marks to represent each hour. Only the 12 0’clock position has a numeral. Surrounding the face is low profile light gold medal frame. From this, two dark leather straps are fastened and serve as the band.  This watch is a wonderful option for a memorable gift or simply a stylish addition to your collection.  The clasp. however, is quite unique and very simple. A golden dimple sticks out of one band and is placed into a hole in the other.


This watch is a great addition to a collection or gift idea.  However, the quality of the watch is far lower than more expensive watches.  This watch, though it works fine, in my opinion, is an accessory and dress up watch instead of a daily use one.  But I have to say again, this watch is very aesthetically pleasing and a suggested pick!

Back Story

In preparation for my very own wedding, I was on the hunt for wearable, memorable, and unique gifts for my groomsmen.  Etsy, a site that I consider “The Pinterest Store”, was referred to me by my now wife.  After searching many different sellers’ products and engraving services, I found the one featured here.  Needless to say, my groomsmen were very impressed and honored with such a memorable and sentimental gift.



What about the seller?

I have only good things to say about Kingda Wu, the owner of FashionTimeLine.  He worked with me to design and orientate the initials, quote, and picture on the band of my watches.  He was a quick communicator and even fixed a mistake he made at no charge.  Doing business with him was a pleasure and relieved some of the stress of my wedding planning.