Looking for a quick and easy way to make a delicious cup of coffee?  Then look no further than “The Drip” Pour Over Coffee Filter by Cool Beans Creations.  The Drip consists of two pieces: a cone filter made up of two layers of stainless-steel mesh and the stand that the filter rests in that you set on top of your mug.  Once you’ve measured out the perfect amount of grinds and placed them in the filter, all you need to do is pour your hot water over them and the coffee drips right into your mug.  This coffee maker can actually brew up to four cups of coffee so if you have a larger carafe that you’d like to brew the coffee into, you can do so.  The Drip also fits perfectly into a Chemex as well!


In a Nutshell

I absolutely love this coffee filter!  I typically only drink one cup of coffee in the morning so The Drip makes brewing a single cup of joe significantly faster and easier than trying to brew one cup in a traditional coffee maker.  One thing I like about this filter is that it’s made of metal which allows a lot more of the oils from the coffee beans to seep through and into your cup, making the coffee richer and bolder in flavor.  The Drip is an well-made and affordable coffee filter that I highly recommend to to anyone seeking a pour-over coffee filter.