• Rechargeable battery saves $$ and time
  • Very comfortable
  • 3 light settings allow for increased visibility in different situations
  • Elastic band allows for wide range of sizes (28-42” adjustable)


  • Pocket barely fit my Samsung S6 – other phones may not
  • The middle part that says “LED” has a slightly outdated design (this of course does not affect effectiveness or functionality)

Comfortable, effective, and bright!

This LED rechargeable belt is ready when you are. Great for a variety of different low visibility situations including night running, biking, or walking. Oh, and don’t feel you have to leave your phone and keys behind because along with having 10 hours of light, it is equipped with two zippered pockets.


Don’t let time change ruin your routine!

It’s 5:30 p.m. — the sun is setting — you just got home from a long day of work. Even though there seems to be an unlimited number of reasons why you should just stay on the couch the rest of the night, you decide to go for a run! Now it is 6 p.m. and you are all suited up and ready to take to the dirt, road, whatever you run on, and now it is completely dark. You’ve got street lights or some sort of light for the path, but your now thinking about safety. You’re thinking about that old lady or young teenage driver that my just give you an unexpected ride on their hood if they don’t see you. Sound about right??

If this is you (pretty specific, I know) then I found the ANSWER! The LED belt by JoyAndMoving provides an incredible amount of light for your low light activities. This belt comes with two light settings: 1. Steady On 2. Strobe (“Runner’s High” mode). Both light settings will keep those distracted drivers off your tail.This belt gives me piece of mind and allows me to focus on my run. I have been using it for a few weeks now and found that it definitely gets people to slow down. Recently during a “blizzard” I used it on my hike to a nearby grocery store. It was getting dark and the snow was coming down pretty hard, but seeing me was the least of diver’s troubles.

Welcome to the 90’s

Unfortunately this belt does not promote the stylish running attire of today, but looks to be a great complement to 90’s and early 00’s running outfits. From the focal point patch on the middle (see photo) to the fairly large belt buckle, the “function over fashion” approach is apparent. However, looking past the design, the function is all there. Anyways, you will be running in the dark. For me, this is a great tool to give me the peace of mind and allow me to focus on my run.

Thank you to JoyAndMoving for this opportunity to review their product.