• Beautiful design (sure to get some looks)
  • Compact/all-inclusive design (Micro USB, Lightning Cable, USB slim)
  • Strong deep charge (4000mAh battery)
  • LED battery level indicator (4 blue dots along the top edge)


  • No Mini USB (for GoPro and other devices)
  • Lightning Cable adapter is difficult to retrieve
  • Micro USB is fairly shallow (phone case must be removed)



Recharging never looked so good!

I was so excited to receive Limm 4000mAh Portable Charger to review and was even more excited when I opened the packaging and saw this amazingly built external charger. The shape and size make it perfect for pocket, computer case, purse, or just about anywhere. It is quite light (about 6.4 ounces), but has that perfect weight that gives it that quality feel. Measuring in at 6.8 x 4 x .5 inches, you literally could put it anywhere. The body is made out of a leather looking plastic (even has “stitching” along the edge) and has a rubber/plastic charging cable. On the top, 4 LED lights indicate the level of charge or if it is currently charging. The charging cable is wrapped around the edge of the body and has a standard USB, for charging the charger, and a micro USB, for charging a device. Hidden along the edge the charger is an iPhone Lightning cable adapter that connects to the micro USB stem. This charger provides you with extra power for almost all your devices.





So close!

As I was saying, I was blown away at the design, but my excitement was slightly lessened when I attempted to plug in my Samsung S6 and realized the provided USB micro plug was not long enough to fit my phone with the case on. This is kind of a big deal because I am not likely to want to leave my case off for very long. However, I was pleased to find that the iPhone adapter (even though fairly difficult to get to) fit an iPhone perfectly and would work with any case. As I mentioned, the iPhone adapter is hidden in the edge of the charger. This design is great for cutting down on the footprint of the piece, but I found that it was fairly difficult to remove without a pen or similar object. I was able to use the micro USB from the charging cord to pry the adapter out, but this did not feel correct by any means.

Oh, and one more thing, where is the mini USB? With GoPro cameras practically everywhere, the need for micro is obvious. Because this charger would most likely be used for camping or touring, being able to charge devices with a mini USB port is basically essential.


In a Nutshell

Even though this charger isn’t perfect, it is by far the most beautiful, sleek, and portable one I’ve seen thus far. I absolutely love this charger and can’t wait to keep using it. I had the please of speaking with the owner and manufacturer and he said that they will take in consideration my comments for future versions – how cool is that! I am very excited to see what else Limm makes next!

Thank you to Limm for this opportunity to review their product.