• Good feel and sturdy construction
  • It doesn’t feel fragile or delicate
  • Warm color of the light


  • After about 3 hours of the pen being “on” continuously (for test purposes) the button seemed slightly sensitive*
  • Edges around button and clip could be smoother


“Shine Bright Like a Pen Light”

Sturdy and versatile. The Zitrades Medical LED Penlight goes far beyond most with its “Swiss Army Knife” approach. Combining a 0-5 mm ruler, pupil dilation chart, and pocket clip with an ultra-bright LED light, this medical-quality tool is prepared to assist you. This sturdy pen light is cased in aluminium giving it a professional and medical feel. It runs off of 2x AAA batteries (provided) and stayed lit for over 8 hours (how long I tested it for). From the efficient packaging to the multipurpose design, this tool is ready for you.


More than a flashlight

Even though I am not in the medical field, I do have an often reoccurring need for a reliable and pocket size flashlight. Testing this tool was pretty fun and brought to “light” many of the unique uses for it. I was able to use it around the house, for auto maintenance, and miscellaneous tasks. Its sleek design made it easir to fit it under the car and in hard to see spots that many lights (or cellphones) would struggle to reach. Though it is small, it does pack a decent light and long battery life (more than 8 hours continuous). Its long lasting and reliable nature makes it an essential tools for my “Just-In-Case” bag. This tool is sure to be a great asset to anyone. The medical intended features are sure to come in handy, but it is definitely not limited to the hospital. I found this penlight is a great tool with many applications!

Thank you to Zitrades for this opportunity to review their product.

*Do not leave button depressed for long periods of time. It will affect the strength of button.