• Very light weight
  • Great traction on wood, pavement, and other smooth surfaces
  • Durable
  • (BEST of all) Climacool cooling feature


  • Not water resistant
  • Easy to get dirty


Sole Searching?

These innovative shoes were built for road at any temperature.  With Adidas’s Climacool technology, one can keep cool feet when pounding the pavement or hitting the courts. This shoe is unique because of it’s innovative air circulation system. Tons of pin prick holes in the sole and mesh around the tongue and toe provide a constant air flow surrounding your foot. This ingenious design, matched with its light weight materials, provide a perfect platform to show off your athletic skills.



Off to Court

It was racquetball time and all I had were 2-year-old tennis shoes that could have doubled as ice skates due to the lack of tread. Obviously I was in need of some light weight, breathable, and comfortable shoes that would give me great traction.These shoes help you stay cool and keep your head in the game After shopping for a week or so I discovered the Adidas Aerate 2 shoes. And boy am I glad I did! Skip forward a year and I am STILL glad! Oh, and they still look almost new.  These shoes have seen racquetball courts (wood), the streets (pavement), and bouldering rocks (harsh rocks).

My favorite things about these shoes are its breathable technology and the light weight design.  Combined, these two elements make it incredibly easy to forget you are wearing shoes at all and keep your focus on your present adventure.  The extreme cooling is able to be obtained by the breathable mesh material on top and sides, but mostly by the many holes found in the sole of the shoe that lead out the bottom of the shoe (see picture).



Climacool Technology



Climacool to Climapool

Unfortunately my favorite part doubles as my least favorite part.  Since there are holes in the sole providing circulation, this forgoes any chance of water resistance in case of a puddle or wet grass.  I once went to play frisbee in a field and ended up soaking my socks after a few steps in soggy grass (one of my least favorite feelings).  But that downfall can be avoided most of the time!

I give these shoes a thumbs up for active folks such as runners, athletes, and of course Adidas fans.