Okay Verizon, we can hear you now!

Today the wireless provider giant has once more secured its spot on top. “How?” you might ask? Well today Verizon has joined the “unlimited” data bandwagon. Yep! The leader in service coverage is now providing “unlimited” data. This move is not a surprise and by no means revolutionary, but it is absolutely necessary and strategic.

While Verizon has been known for having the greatest coverage in the U.S., many competitor carriers have been attacking its capped data plans. Companies like Sprint has been relentless as can be seen in the below video.

The Unlimited Plan will be based on the number of lines associated with the plan and will range from $45-70 per line. This is of course before any taxes, fees, and phone payments. However, this could quite possibly be a step up from a currently capped plan. Though the plan is called unlimited, there may be some slowing or deprioritizing of customers who surpass 22 gigs in a single payment cycle. This is why the quotes must remain fixed around “unlimited”. Anyways, this shift will definitely be something to keep an eye on and maybe something to consider.

So it may be time to do some research and see if this is a movement you could benefit from!